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Partition Equipment, Partition Slotter
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1) New RJE 60" Super-C Bandsaw. This machine will be equipped with: a) 10 HP Drive motor. b) Variable speed drive. c) Carter CP blade guides. 2) Reciprocating feeder for saw with: a) Air cylinder feed (actuated by proximity sensor) b) Heavy-duty fabrication with linear bearings for stability and long life. 3) Maximum length of partition: 60" 4) Maximum height of partition: 16" 5) Maximum depth of cut: 8" 6) Rotary blade adjustment range: 0" – 8. 7) Fifteen (15) 24" diameter blades with 1/4" kerf. 8) Fifteen (15) 24" diameter blades with 3/8" kerf. 9) Fifteen (15) each blade spacers: 1/32”, 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2". 10) 4" blade mandrel, double keyed. a) 40 HP motor on circular saw shaft, direct coupled. b) Air brake on mandrel shaft. c) Quick release bearing system on blade shaft. 11) Side and top guides (skis) for full length of cutting process 12) 60" x 48" outfeed table with vacuum tub and expanded metal top. 13) Motorized adjustment of gang blade height, including; a) Motor to adjust blade height. b) Depth gauge. c) Auto down to limit switch for set-up. d) Over travel limit switches. 14) Motorized adjustment of upper ski height, including; a) Motor to adjust ski height. b) Depth gauge. c) Over travel limit switches. 15) Motorized v-notch cutter for chamfering slot edges: a) Independent variable speed control of notching shaft. b) 15 v-notch heads, adjustable. c) 1” wide 90º v-groove capacity. d) Super-high RPM rating for stability. e) Includes two vacuum blowers for material removal (independently controlled) 16) Vacuum dust removal system including: a) One (1) vacuum blower on bandsaw lower guide assembly. b) Two (2) vacuum blowers under tub of circular saw. c) Forced air blower above partitions at the exit end of the circular saw. d) Two (2) vacuum blowers below the partition at the exit end of the circular saw. e) One (1) vacuum blower on outfeed table as final dust removal area before stacking. f) Restriction devices for c) & d) above. 17) This quote includes blowers ONLY. Dust and debris to be collected and disposed of by customer. 18) All blowers will be located on one side of machine

60" RJE Saber-Tooth Partition Saw
Partition Equipment, Partition Slotter