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Ping Pong please, not Ping Pong!

There is a guess that is the more popular sport: Ping Pong and tennis? I will bet that more than 90% of people will say 'tennis' without second thoughts. Yes, they are wrong. Ping Pong is the most popular tennis sport worldwide. The way more than 10,000,000 players meet regularly in sanctioned tournaments to compete with each other. And that's an official estimate of registered players, which doesn't count in all preferences spongers use Ping Pong as their choice for recreational sports activities.

But as we all know, it still has a picture of not being a 'real' sport, especially compared with and with American sports traditions like football, basketball or baseball. In my opinion, it is equally unfortunately not justified. I am German, and if there is such a thing as a traditional German sport, then it must be football. And I have been playing football in a German league for many years selling professionally. When I was 16 years old, my friend turned me into a Ping Pong and soon after, I joined a club, got a coach and started playing regularly, at least four times a week. Once you get through the basics, for example, regular access strokes, the techniques become more advanced. We've used almost all of the ping pong tables already on the market, and you can check out our ping pong table reviews right away.

At the same time, your game gets more and more sophisticated and faster. Ergo, harder and harder. A practice session usually lasts more than two hours and includes several sections, each with an emphasis on a different type of skill. That can be footwork, acceleration, contact, prediction and more. A common practice used by a lot of coaches is the so-called "many balls" training. The coach uses an entire barrel full of balls and hits them on your side of the board at high frequencies, in which he also replaces the position of the shots, spins, and speed (yes can exceed 100mph).

Today, the use of ball robots has become more popular. Of course, the robot can't give you advice or right you about the mistakes you make, but it can fill in if you can't get access to a coach or training partner.

Well, as a USATT member registered with a ranting of 2150, I can assure you that Ping Pong is a high-level workout sport and stands up there with tennis and football. After two hours of multiple ball drills, I often get ready for a hot shower, a good meal, and some deep sleep.
I want to learn more about this great sport and its rules. Please visit my website for more Ping Pong info