Career Opportunities

Global Boxmachine LLC, Northbrook, IL, has an opening for a Mechanical Engineer. Applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineer

Primary Responsibilities:

(A)        Engineering design, review, re-design/modification of mechanical devices and production equipment; create mechanical and process drawings according to product and production requirement.

  • Review engineering design of corrugated box machine and design layout and foundation drawings by AutoCAD when necessary, make plans and modify product configurations to meet product specific requirements.
  • Design, modify and review 3D models by SolidWorks and Inventor, deliver internal technical presentations/instruction to the sales team on machines specifications to follow.
  • Analyze projects requirements, and then confer with the sales team to assess customer’s equipment needs and expectations.
  • Review and modify part drawings to manufacture with acceptable tolerance. Work with local suppliers to build sufficient inventory of spare parts.
  • Oversee and coordinate multiple projects from basic design to manufacturing and installation.

 (B)       Implement quality control plans for specific production engineering and resolve any process quality issues coming from the manufacturer, perform other duties related to the job assigned by our company when required.

  • Use E-Maint system to record, and analyze the mechanical failures, provide mechanic solutions to resolve quality or manufacturing issues.
  • Establish quality control and maintenance procedure for the relevant staff to follow, oversee the training of the team to sure the tolerance and quality assurance for certain designed engineering products.
  • Coordinate with engineering, sales teams and end-users to provide technical/engineering support to team members of the company; communicate with quality control and sales team to ensure customers’ feedback is incorporated into machine improvements or future designs.
  • Provide instruction on equipment installation for the operators to follow, review, analyze and resolve problems that may occur during the production processing.
  • Research and select the most suitable domestic supplier for parts such as motors, sensors, and timing belts.

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor degree or higher in mechanical engineering.

Qualified applicant please send resume and cover letter via email to or by mail to 950 Skokie Blvd Suite 210, Northbrook, IL, 60062.